Gorbie posing for the camera.

- "Ahhh... the abs!"

- (Gorbie's everyday comment to JC)

Gordon Karl "Gorbie" Babour Maturan Torno, is a 4th year high school student from Mt. Isarog. He is currently the escort of the class.


Born on May 12, 1996, Gorbie is the eldest child out of 4 in his family. He is a small person. Taking it from his dad, his complexion is also a bit dark or tan. While inside or outside the classroom, Gorbie tends to be talkative and noisy.

Before transferring to South Hill School Inc for his 3rd year, he originally went to Laguna Science High School. He started out rough at South Hill, trying to make it into the social system and fit in. He was a fast runner which people started to recognize.

Torno was also part of the honor roll before; however, due to his laziness, he currently does not have any accolades in the academe. It was caused by his previous hard-working attitude that he was able to make it to the honors. Gorbie is well proficient in the arts of rhetorics and language. He speaks and writes well in English.

Gorbie likes singing along to songs. Sometimes, he catches the Last Song Syndrome and tends to sing out to the class for no reason.


Gorbie is a well recognized athlete who loves to play football. He fancies the act of juggling and is also a fast player on the field. He is currently part of the Los Banos Football School Raptors. During one summer, he became an assistant coach. He attends practices or trainings quite regularly and is well known around the football community.


Aside from being a football player, Gorbie also loves to write poems. His current style in writing would be to write a word that would describe the theme of his poem vertically then from each letter would come out a sentence. An example of his work is:

Here is a link to all his works: Gorbie Torno's Poems