Here is a collection of all of Gorbie Torno's Poems:

"Poem TQ"Edit

Took me awhile to make up my mind

Racked each and every brain cell I had

Attempted to never again look behind

Could I ever want anybody so bad?

You should be sure that I really care for you

"Poem 2017"Edit

Took me awhile to make up my mind

Racked each and every brain cell I had

At last I've found the nerves to ask you

Could you please say that you're mine

You'll decide if our fates will entwine

"Under One Sky"Edit

United through thick and thin

Never letting each other fall

Discovering each other's thing

Escaping our trouble's call

Rocking the world with music

Our sound takes us high

Noone can stand in our way

Everyone listen

Skill? Yeah we have it

Keep listening to our sound

You'll be blown away


Make one and people will treat you differently

It takes them so long to forgive you

Saying the word sorry doesn't do anything

Taking your time will push you down, turn you blue

Accept the fact that society is deteriorating

Keeping friends is harder than you'd expect

Escaping from problems would have no effect


Pushed you to the limit

Accept that she's gone

It's making you crazy

Not knowing what to do


Tell me what you're thinking

Ask me what you want to know

Let go of all emotions, all feelings

Keep going. Don't stop. Go

"Is your heart mine?"Edit

Make my day perfect

You alone can do it

Hold my shaking hands

Entwine your fingers to mine

And we'll be together all day long

Run away from sorrow and pain

Together we'll pass fire and rain

It'll be you and me

Stay with me here, be mine

You are all I need

Once I have you, I'll be whole

United we will always be

Realize that we should be

Show me that you love me


Get up, go out

Out of my life

Out of my world

Down to the ground

Believe me I don't want this

Your actions are tormenting me

Everything that you do kills me

"Tell me."Edit

Don't you dare lie to me

Obscurities, let them leave.

Your actions say no,

Or does your hear say so too?


Look straight into me,

Over-look everything else,

Very intently hear me,

End my confusion.

Make me understand.

End all these uncertainties.

"I want you to know"Edit

I'd say it to you,

At the time that I'm ready.

My mind can't decide.

You might break my heart.

Or maybe make it whole.

Undecidedly, I will speak.

Reassure my aching soul.

Stop my prolonged confusion.

"Let me be"Edit

Keep out of my realm

Enough is enough.

Enemies, don't come near.

Please. Leave me.

Alone! Leave me alone!

Walk away!

And come back at dawn.

Your presence is irritating!


Let me be the one.

One that will hold your hand.

Very softly I'll whisper

Each thought in my mind.

You should hear me out.

One moment of your time please.

Understand my thoughts.

Together let us explore,

Rummage through mysteries,

And understand each other more.

Can you open up to me?

Your like a closed book, shut tight.


Sneaky, mischievous and sly,

Not knowing who, what or why,

At the time you trusted him most,

Kick you, betray you is what he'll do.

Enemy in hiding, ready to kill you.

"The Past"Edit

Been thinking of you

Everytime of everyday

All the time always

Like Aphrodite

Ultimate symbol of love

Vision of beauty

You've taken my heart,

Overwhelmed all my senses


"A gift"Edit

Forged out of silver

One gift for someone special

Risking rejection.

Yet risk is nothing

Once I see you there smiling.