Leian bringing his chin up.

- "Bahala na si Batman."

- (Leian's statement when he is unsure of what he is doing)

You Know?

Name: Leian Victor Luis Ticzon

Birthday: August 10,1995


  • Honor from Gr.1- Gr.6
  • Namayat ako :)
  1. 1 in language Proficiency 1 to 7 in UPCAT simulations
  • Naging Team A ng Agila FC
  • I finally learned how to do a sliding tackle


  • Playing Soccer
  • Playing Table Tennis
  • Playing Computer Games
  • Sleeping
  • Eating
  • Hanging out/Spending time w/ my girlfriend Annuelle :P


  • I can play the Drums and the Guitar
  • I can play Football, Basketball, Volleyball, and ping pong


I'm an average guy. Thank you :)


"Sana manok ka nalang para buong araw kang nakaupo sa _______ ko" :D

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Leian and his GF Annuelle

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