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Mt. Isarog Wikia is a detailed website about the details on classroom activities, students and more. This wikia is to be a 2nd yearbook for the class to remember the last days in high school.

Description of the Wikia

You'll get an update and read back all the happy moments of what Mt. Isarog did in its last school days.

NEWS (Updates of this WIKIA)

  • Students data will be updated
  • "Did you know?" fact for each student coming soon
  • Videos may be added
  • Stuff might be added
  • Something special- coming soon
  • Vote Your Favorite Admin!


Event of the Week

Talents have now shown to be overflowing as Mt. Isarog Got Talent presents itself on Friday, Sept. 9, 2011.
Mt. Isarog Got Talent

Mt. Isarog Got Talent

Headed by President Jastine Ramilla, Mt. Isarog Got Talent will present more than 7 individual and group performances encompassing the arts of dancing, singing, and acting.

The contest will consist of 26 people, each within a group or by themselves. Everyone is given from 1 minute - 5 minutes maximum to complete their performance. They will be judged based on Creativity, Costume/Props, Audience Impact, and Performance/Awesomeness. Read More...

Featured Student of the Week

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Jastine Ramilla wearing his signature blazer

Jastine Ramilla, with his dance moves and out of character performance, is the first Featured Student of the Week. Impressing both Mt. Isarog and Mt. Batulao, he shows that not only can he be a serious guy when in need but a wacky and fun person to watch and see. Also, with his cooperation in the Mt. Isarog Got Talent, he was able to make the event a reality. His performance in the talent show will be remembered for the days and months to come. Read More...