Mt.Isarog is a 4th year high school section in South Hill School Incorporated. It held its first class on June 7, 2011. Currently, it consists of 26 students and 1 amazing adviser. Started out as a bunch of simple students, unfamiliar to each other, Mt. Isarog became united and turned out to become one big family.


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Class Government

Established on June 20, 2011, the Class Government of Mt. Isarog consists of 13 members. So far, they are responsible for every special event on Friday and other extracurriculur matters. They are all governed by their adviser, Mam Tinnie Bondoc.

President Jastine Ramilla
Vice-President Renzo Lapitan
Secretary Lorraine Protacio
Treasurer Jayselle Chavarria
Peace Officers Patrick Likwong
JC Castro
Property Custodians James Malicsi
Lerma Salamat
Acquaintance Manager
Prom Manager
Intrams Manager
Yearbook Manager JC Castro
Muse Trixia Ramos
Escort Gorbie Torno

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Class Schedule

7:30 8:00 Values Filipino IV CAT (7:00-8:00) Values Values
8:00 8:30 Calculus VII Calculus VII
8:30 9:00 Computer IV Economics IV Comp IV
9:00 9:30
9:30 10:00 Recess Recess Recess Recess Physics 3
10:00 10:30 Filipino IV Health IV Physics 3 English IV
10:30 11:00 Recess
11:00 11:30 English IV English IV Economics IV Economics IV Filipino IV
11:30 12:00
12:00 12:30 LUNCH BREAK
12:30 1:00
1:00 1:30 TLE IV Physics 3 Research II TLE IV English IV
1:30 2:00
2:00 2:30 Physics 3 Trigonomety VI Physics 3
2:30 3:00
3:00 3:30 MUSIC IV CLE Bio 3/Chem 3 Trigonomety VI
3:30 4:00 PE IV
4:00 4:30 Filipino IV
4:30 5:00


1st Quarter 2nd Quarter 3rd Quarter 4th Quarter

3 [JC Castro (Top 1),

Ralph Recio (Top 4),

Jastine Ramilla (Top 7)]

Extra Curricular

"Greek Gods and Goddesses" (Batulao vs Isarog): Best Props, Best Poster, Most Gorgeous Goddess (Chiki Gonzales)



Date Formed June 07, 2011
Population 26 (16 Boys and 10 Girls)
Adviser Ma'am Tinnie Bondoc
Fun rating 200% and increasing
Evil rating 0% and decreasing
Crime rating 0% and decreasing
Signature Quotes

"United we stand, Scattered we Fall"


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