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The Teachers are all of the educators of the class, Mt.Isarog. They tackle all of the subjects given in the current curriculum of the section. Currently, the subjects being taught in class are Physics, Calculus, Biology/Chemistry, TLE, Trigonometry, English, Filipino, PE, Economics, Computer, Values, Music, and Research.

Mam Tinnie Bondoc

Tinnie Bondoc, born Christine Bondoc, is the current Filipino and Values teacher of Mt. Isarog. She also heads the section as the adviser.

Sir Aman Molin

Aman Molin, born Amando Perfecto Molin, is the current Physics and Calculus teacher of Mt. Isarog.

Mam Aida Lanceras

Aida Lanceras, born "" is the current Trigonometry teacher of Mt. Isarog.

Sir Romy Galipot

Romy Galipot, born Romeo Galipot, is the current PE and TLE teacher of Mt. Isarog.

Sir Brisky Buyco

Brisky Buyco, born Brisky Buyco, is the current Economics teacher of Mt. Isarog.

Mam Jomo Desamero

Jomo Desamero, born Josielyn Molina, is the current Biology and Chemistry teacher of Mt. Isarog.

Mam Ivee Opina

Ivee Opina, born Razelle Ivee A., is the current Computer teacher of Mt. Isarog.

Mam Osie Rolle

Osie Rolle, born Rosa Rolle, is the current English teacher of Mt. Isarog.

Mam Johla

Johla "", born "", is the current Research teacher of Mt. Isarog.

Sir Rommel Ignacio

Rommel Ignacio, born Rommel L. Ignacio, was the former Economics teacher of Mt. Isarog. He was born on October 5, 1964. He graduated BS Inland Fisheries at the University of the Philippines Dilliman. He was one of the recepients for the President Ferdinand E. Marcos Scholarship Program for Fisheries. A Laguneno, he currently lives in Los Banos, Laguna. He often uses powerpoint in his discussions because of a defect or problem with his voice due to an accident. Mt. Isarog performed an original song to him on his last day in South Hill. Currently, he has not forgotten all the memories within the section of Mt. Isarog.