You know? the thing you know?

DID YOU KNOW?! =======

  • Mt.Isarog is a democratic class
  • Mt.Isarog is the biggest classroom
  • Almost all of the students in Mt.Isarog play soccer
  • Jc Castro is a Vegetarian
  • Mckaye Manzanero is the smallest girl in our room and batch (peace tayo mckaye :D)
  • Isarog boys are always updated in Naruto and Bleach
  • Isarog Girls love RnB and some soothing songs
  • Mt.Isarog is well united
  • Renzo Lapitan is also known as "Master Chokits"
  • Jastine Ramilla is the president of the room and also the BatCom of the batch in CAT
  • Chiki Gonzales is the eX-O of the batch in CAT
  • Oreo is the #1 snack in Mt.Isarog
  • Jayla Chavarria rarely stops talking
  • Lorraine Protacio is the classroom crush
  • There are no couples in Mt.Isarog (Or they're still hidden ';..;' )
  • Peng Layog was not orginally part of Mt. Isarog. Originally from Mt. Batulao, Peng replaced Paolo Lapis and became the 26th student of the class.
  • Parick Likwong is very good at Filipino (subject)
  • Rafael Canillas is very good at Arts
  • Almost all students in Mt.Isarog are in the varsity of different sports
  • Jayselle Chavarria "are" close with a lot of students
  • Jalyn Basye, Leian Ticzon, and Mickey Belarmino have known each other since pre-school
  • -more ro come-